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Men's Herbal Remedy

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Men’s Herbal Remedy

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Herbal supplement for sexual health in men

Uses: Supports stronger erections, virility and stimulates healthy production of sex hormones

  • ·       Leading herbal supplement naturally enhances male sexual performance
  • ·       Supports balance in the male reproductive system
  • ·       Supports healthy circulation responsible for adequate and strong erections
  • ·       Promotes feelings of sexual desire
  • ·       Supports pleasurable, routine ejaculation
  • ·       Supports vitality, energy and stamina

Men’s Men's Herbal Remedy is a 100% pure organic herbal remedy that is 100% safe, natural, and non-addictive. This collection of herbs have been scientifically proven effective to increase testosterone levels, promote strong healthy erections, improve arousal, stamina, drive and desire.

The herbs contained in Men's Herbal Remedy have been used for centuries to virtually eliminate erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence.  Men's Herbal Remedy will safely improve and help maintain health and systemic balance in the male reproductive system. 

Men's Herbal Remedy contains a selection of herbs proven to be effective at improving male sexual performance, desire, drive, stamina and quality erections. They are known for their supportive functions in maintaining sexual health and well-being. 

Men’s Herbal Remedy is Kosher and organic certified, vegetarian-friendly, contains no animal products, added gluten, fillers, preservatives or anything artificial.

Men’s Herbal Remedy is presented in capsule form. It can be easily swallowed, with a drink or open the capsule and mix the herbs with food.

The natural way

Herbal remedies have a long history of use in supporting mental, physical and emotional health. Herbal medicine restores health, encourages healing and maintains balance in the body.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting regular exercise (20 minutes 3 times weekly), eating fresh balanced meals (including 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily), drinking plenty of water (64oz of water daily) and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule (7-9 hours of interrupted sleep daily) supports a healthy immune system.

Ingredients and their uses:

Tribulussupports and encourages the body to produce natural testosterone

Muira Puama effective in improving libido and treating erectile dysfunction 

Gingko improves circulation

Epimediumto treat impotence, increases production of the pleasure chemical dopamine and decreases production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Yohimbe helps correct erectile dysfunction caused by tension, stress, or fatigue; effective treatment for ED in men with diabetes or heart problems; increases blood flow to the genitals

Nettle Root contains a number of essential minerals including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium

Pygeum helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the prostate

Saw Palmettooften exceeds the effectiveness of commonly prescribed drugs for benign prostate hyperplasia and has less side effects, useful in supporting prostate health

Maca helps increase libido, men's sperm activity,

Tongkat Ali – increases stamina and libido

Each order contains 30-100% pure organic herbal capsules (0.45gr each net wt 13.5gr) 
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